A month after 26/11 Mumbai Attacks!

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A month has gone by since Mumbai had yet another terror attacks. The incident shook me as it did the entire nation and individuals across the globe. My immediate reactions were that of anger – against the government, against the terrorist groups who caused this gory incident, against the security forces and officials with whom India’s safety was trusted with and against us Indians for suffering from short term memory loss!

In a way we all are like Aamir in Ghajini. We tend to forget after a couple of days. We tend to forget that India is a victim of terrorism and politics. Even as the terror attacks were being aired on national news channels, me and my close friend Dumbo were discussing how we will soon forget the incident as time goes by. But I guess I was wrong in a way. Indians woke up like never before! People criticized politicians and their inability to run this country well.

A month has gone by. The case is far from being solved. Accusations and denials are still being made. India and I are confident that Pakistan is in someway involved. But in the grand scheme of things, my opinion doesn’t factor in. Each time I see Pakistan denying that it is involved, I feel we should give Pakistan the benefit of doubt. If not, India should provide hardcore evidence and have other countries to vouch for India’s evidence. While the governments in these two countries fight out the truth, my concern is with civilians of India and Pakistan.

My cousin Vicky is eleven years old and I asked him, ‘Is Pakistan good or bad?’. He replied saying, ‘ Pakistan is definitely bad. They are trying to attack India and killing Indians’. I am sure if I were to ask a Mohammad or Saeed in Pakistan, he’d say the same about India. Somehow in all these governmental issues, we civilians get caught in a web of hate and curses. I think an average Pakistani is as innocent as an average Indian. Sure, there could be thousands of terrorists across the border fighting in the name of religion. But how different are they from Raj Thackeray or Bajrang Dal? How different is what they are trying to defend different from what the terrorists are trying to defend? And in between all these hooligans, why should normal Indian and Pakistani Citizens suffer?

At times like these, we need to think harder and try to see the truth in all the accusations that is being heaped against each other and do our level best not to stereotype! I am sure all these fights have caused more trouble for people on behalf of whom these terrorists claim to be fighting.

If at all anyone deserves our anger, it is our lazy and corrupt government servants. In the days to come, we should do our best not to forget the Mumbai tragedy and keep the pressure on our government to keep working towards finding answers and eliminate individuals and groups involved in this heinous crime. Also, lets pray for the families that have lost their loved ones and for all those risking their lives to safeguard our country and her citizens.

Let tomorrow be a more safer day for India!