My One Year Old Dead Laptop!

by Senthil


I purchased a Hewlett Packard TX-1000 tablet pc on November 15, 2007 (Implies my warranty got over a month ago. More on this later). Its a sleek 12-inch laptop powered by an AMD Processor and runs Windows Vista smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for more. A year ago, this model used to sell at INR. 68,000 across stores in India. Since my uncle stays in the US and was visiting us in a couple of weeks time, I decided to buy the laptop on HP’s website and get it delivered to my uncle who stays in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. By doing this I was able to buy a far superior configuration at nearly INR 20,000 less. I eventually paid INR 52,000 equivalent in dollars.

The laptop developed serious problems over the next few months –

  1. The laptop gets extremely hot! I mean you just cannot keep it on your lap and work. You either need a pillow or you a table. Most of my friends used to call my laptop a ‘Room Heater’! If you are planning to buy this laptop, please be informed!
  2. Wi-Fi stopped working after a couple of months. It will work once in a while, before completely dying.
  3. Finally, the laptop just wont boot. It will stop working completely. If you switch the laptop on, the LED lights will go on, but it just won’t boot.

The first time my Wi-Fi stopped working, I took my laptop to ValuePoint Solutions, an authorized HP reseller and service centre. They shocked me saying they cannot service the model in India as it was purchased in USA. A lady who picked up the call at HP Customer care told me the same thing after asking for my laptop’s serial and product number. Since it was only the Wi-Fi that wasn’t working, I purchased a new external Wi-Fi card. A week back, my laptop just stopped working completely. When I did a Google search, I found hundreds of customers who had this same laptop, complaining about the same problem. Again, these problem occur exactly a year after they have purchased it, meaning their warranty is over and now have to pay for fixing their laptop.

A lot of them had called HP and complained that the product is inherently faulty and HP should compensate. HP outright denies the fact and says these people must pay USD 500 – 600 to get the laptop fixed. Now that’s a lot of money! Here are a couple of links taken directly out of HP’s own forums where people are complaining about the model.

Link to HP Forum 1
Link to HP Forum 2
Link to HP Forum 3

One person even went to the extent of opening a new group on facebook protesting against the issue and asking people to join so that once there are sufficient number of people, they can hire an attorney.

Now, having bought this laptop in the USA, I cannot service it in India and still have to shell out money even if I ship it to US. When I checked the cost I’d incur for couriering my laptop to US from India, it turns out to be another $200 dollars for sending and receiving it back. So here’s the math – $600 + $200 =  $800 (Nearly INR 40000 to fix it!). I can buy a brand new laptop for that money. And what if my laptop dies again a couple of weeks later? Am I supposed to spend another $ 800?

I truly suggest everyone intending to pick the TX1000 and other tablets from HP to kindly think twice. They just aren’t worth the pay. Don’t take my word. Google search the issue and you’ll find the truth for yourself!